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Wim Reiff

About Wim Reiff

Wim Reiff has a fine eye for works of art that leave a lasting impression. For fourty years he has been an inspired art collector and he has organised several exhibitions with an emphasis on contemporary high-quality art from the seventies onwards.


Wim Reiff

As a matter of course, these activities have led to the demand for counsel of those interested in art. So, for some considerable time Wim Reiff has manifested himself as an art consultant in the broadest sense.

Wim Reiff knows his way about the established art world. Thanks to his expertise and large international network, he is in touch with current market developments. Wim Reiff knows how to interrelate and how to place a work in it's proper context in terms of influences, movements and value. Frequently, his experience garantuees a foresight of the artist's later reputation and the risen market value of his work.

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