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Reiff Art City (RAC)

Filosophy: mission statement


RAC thinks and deals in timeless quality.

Renaissance of the ''Salon des Indépendants". RAC is an audition, a policy, an agora, a forum for those who create and look at arts.

It's a project like Europe, which together forms plurality of individuals to a formidable composition and configuration is made, while maintaining everyone's freedom and identity, diversity, time and silence are part of its strength.

RAC wants to be a catalist and a steering initiative. Wants to develop an interactive relationship with creators, viewers and collectors.

RAC connects participants with each other, understanding their languages in the present.

RAC: grows into an European dimension, supporting and promoting artists & other masters in different fields of our life, worldwide
The motto of the European Union is: United in Diversity and '' growing together '' ,
and so does RAC. Working on and supporting the EU dream.

What we feel:

Timeless experience; works of art surviving multiple generations

a work community

being a diving board and breeding place

openness, fair trade, trust, gentleman like,

growing a high quality network, a culturale hotspot,

a place to be

cross pollination between our partners, goodwill ambassedors, musea, collectors, kindred spirit initiatives, galleries, critics, curators, collections and so on.


This website is like a museum, a master class, a school of education in gathering taste, recognizing and developing qualities through seeing. Joseph Beuys said:  'Everybody is an artist'. Martin Kippenberger said: 'Every artist is a human being'. Wim Reiff says:'Everyone is a piece of art.'

We hope our philosophy will contribute to your sense of 'having the finer things in life' all around you and perhaps on these pages you will find the perfect acquisition for your collection. It's all about making one sensible to enjoy and collect art. Calmness, timeless, heartbeats and passion.

In 1998 and 2002 Wim Reiff published two catalogues 'Collectors Classics Artforum vol. 1 & 2'. Over 400 works of art made by 220 artists which were brought together in two full color catalogues.


'It's a book, a novelle, a kind of art fair, an artists studio, a salon des arts..'



  • Can we help you?
  • Kan ons help?
  • يمكننا مساعدتك؟
  • 我們可以幫你嗎?
  • 我们可以帮你吗?
  • Können wir Ihnen helfen?
  • Pouvons-nous vous aider?
  • Μπορούμε να σας βοηθήσουμε;
  • ?אנחנו יכולים לעזור לך
  • Bisa kami bantu?
  • Possiamo aiutarvi?
  • 私たちはあなたを助けることができますか?
  • קענען מיר העלפן איר
  • 우리가 당신을 도와 드릴까요?
  • Kami boleh membantu anda?
  • Kunnen we u helpen?
  • آیا می توانم به شما کمک کنیم؟
  • Możemy Ci pomóc?
  • Podemos ajudá-lo?
  • Можем ли мы вам помочь?
  • ¿Te puedo ayudar?
  • Size yardımcı olabilir miyim?


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